Spring 2018

Sonia Louise Davis.jpeg

Sonia Louise Davis, Become Together Freedom School

Is an experimental platform to cultivate critical improvisation: tactics for self-articulation and collective engagement as we demand a more just society. 


Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow,  Junkanooacome

Will build a more informed history of NYC through its historic landmarks, inviting participants to join in a series of workshops and embodied public performances. 

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Eli Brown, Trans Family Archive

Is a community led year-long series of facilitated round table discussions designed to increase the contact and communication between generations of trans and non-binary individuals and to develop a nationwide trans family audio archive. 

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FALL 2018 Fellows

Reading at the ferry - Ph by Neshi Galindo.jpg

Claudia Prado, Escritura en tránsito / Writing in Transit

Is a transitory writing workshop for the commuters of the St. George Ferry Station in Staten Island.

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Mel McIntyre & Adelaide Matthew Dicken

Will gather communities fighting for disability justice and trans justice to envision solidarity economy endeavors rooted in these connected liberation struggles.

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Damali Abrams, Radical Self-Care Workshops for Busy Black New Yorkers

These workshops will provide an opportunity for busy Black New Yorkers to heal in community, and to share techniques for bringing self-care into unlikely spaces such as the workplace and the subway, in order to facilitate health and well being as a way of life.

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The Fellowship for Utopian Practice has two open calls per year. Our next application cycle will begin in the Fall, please read our guidelines page for more information about the fellowship and sign up to our mailing list to keep up with our next submission deadline here.