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PUSH/PULL is an online journal sponsored by Culture Push, a platform for ideas and thoughts that are still in development. PUSH/PULL is a virtual venue that allows us to present a variety of perspectives on civic engagement, social practice, and other issues that need attention. PUSH/PULL will help to situate the Fellows and the work they do within a critical discourse, and act as a forum for an ongoing dialogue between the Fellows, the Culture Push community, and the world at large.



ISSUE 9// FALL 2019


Guest Editors and CP Associated Artists BFAMFAPhd provide a glimpse into their practice with How to Start a Pedagogy Group, a protocol from the seventh event in the series, Open Meeting for Arts Educators and Teaching Artists, and a transcription from Artist-Run Spaces, a conversation which focused on artist-run spaces and how artists create contexts for encounters with their projects that are aligned with their goals. The conversation included Linda Goode-Bryant, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Salome Asega, and was moderated by Kemi Ilesanmi.



The Culture Push Staff and Fellows have compiled recipes, manifestos, interviews, and collected ideas to offer a sneak preview into our forthcoming 10th anniversary publication. Featuring the writing and thoughts of current and past Fellows, including: Adelaide Matthew Dicken & Mel McIntyre, Esther Neff, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, and Noemi Segarra & Sarah Dahnke.

ISSUE 7 // SPRING 2019

Guest Editor and Associated Artist Christina Freeman expands on Ultraviolet Archive, her investigation on the ways that artistic freedom is limited through censorship by conducting interviews that cover three different perspectives: Srirak Plipat (Executive Director of Freemuse), Svetlana Mintcheva (Director of Programs at the National Coalition Against Censorship), and Dread Scott (an artist whose works have faced content-related censorship).

ISSUE 6 // SPRING 2018


Guest Editors and Current Fellows, Chinatown Art Brigade members Tomie Arai and ManSee Kong, gather writing from collaborators and allies who share a deep concern for the future of Chinatowns, both locally and globally as the tides of hyper-development and real estate investments threaten to displace residents who have called these places home for decades. Each work powerfully demonstrates the need to draw connections between displaced low-income communities of color and the strength of grass-roots, community-led resistance and resilience. With contributions from Huiying Chan, Diane Wong and Mei Lum, Alina Shen, Emily Mock, the Gòngmíng Collective for Language Justice, and the Chinatown Art Brigade. English Homepage

客座編輯和唐人街藝術團隊成員Tomie Arai及ManSee Kong收集了各合作團隊及盟友對唐人街深受關注的將來的文章,包括在本地和全球過度發展及地產投資對住客們造成被逼遷的威脅。各文章都有力地發表出低收入有色社區被逼遷及草根力量,社區帶領抵抗之間的關係。Huiying Chan, Diane Wong及Mei Lum, Alina Shen, Emily Mock, 共鳴翻譯者群以及唐人街藝術團隊所貢獻。第六期(繁體)

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Issue 5 // Fall 2017

How can we understand our complex relationship with the other species who share and shape our world? This issue brings together contributions from a video and new media artist, historical marine biologist, artist collective, and three visual artists who provide unique perspectives on the importance of understanding the ways non-human animals pervade our physical and symbolic world.

With contributions from Joseph Moore, Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson, Carolyn Hall, The Environmental Performance Agency, Aida Šehović, and Linnea Ryshke.


Número Cuatro // Spring 2017

Guest Editor and current fellow, Noemí Segarra Ramírez, gathers writing from her Puerto Rican collaborators and friends that addresses individual praxis and the unique ways in which they individually and collectively question systems of cultural production in Puerto Rico. 
This issue is bilingual, with writing in both Spanish and English, reflecting the hybrid nature of Puerto Rico and the state of displacement experienced by its citizens. As Noemí says, focusing on this sense of displacement brings out a "cavilación en la ambigüedad" (a brooding in ambiguity), fertile ground for this expansive collection of writing and images.  

With contributions from Noemí Segarra Ramírez, Andrea Bauzá and Félix Rodríguez-Rosa.


ISSUE 3 // SUMMER 2016

A selection of writing to accompany the exhibition, Artifacts & After Effectsat the Westbeth Gallery. The exhibition featured the work of past and present Fellows from the Fellowship for Utopian Practice

With contributions from Lise Brenner, Sarah Dahnke, Jen Kennedy & Liz Linden, and Go! Push Pops (Katie Cercone & Elisa Garcia de la Huerta).


ISSUE 2 // SPRING 2016

Guest editor Sarah Dahnke presents a selection of art, poetry, and writing from the individuals in solitary confinement with whom she corresponds and collaborates by way of her project, Dances for Solidarity.

With contributions from Israel Balboa, Michael Collier, Dushaan Gillum, and Dwayne McKinney. 


ISSUE 1 // Winter 2015

An introduction to our newest project, the online journal PUSH/PULL. PUSH/PULL is a platform for voices in the Culture Push community. 

With contributions from Chloë Bass, Lise Brenner, Emerald Carter, and Sarah Dahnke.